Make Teen Fashion Magazines a Focal Point of your Parent- Teen Relationship

Make Teen Fashion Magazines a Focal Point of your Parent- Teen Relationship

Make Teen Fashion Magazines a Focal Point of your Parent- Teen Relationship

Fashion is not exclusively an adult domain, just as women and men want to be fashionable so do teenagers. Where women do not want to be seen wearing the same dress as another woman, teenagers, however, want to be seen wearing the latest styles, only they want to be seen wearing the latest styles that their friends are wearing as well. There is nothing more embarrassing for a teenager than to be seen wearing last year’s sneakers. Teen fashion magazines show them what the latest trends are and where the find the clothing and accessories to go along with them.

Psychologists such as Eric Erickson pointed out how belonging to a group is the most important thing in a teenagerís world. Teenagers leave the nest, drift away from the closeness they once shared with their parents and become close to their peers. Becoming close translates into acting and looking like their peers. The teen fashion culture is an enigma that is here to stay. Teen fashion magazines are well aware of this situation and have cashed in on the very lucrative teen fashion market.

The teenager is concerned with style and beauty feed to them as part of their daily diet. Teen fashion magazines open up the world of teen fashions through teen idol celebrities. Teen study and watch what the latest singer such as Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears is wearing as much as they watch out for the favorite rapperís fashion tastes. These fashions then trickle down from the celebrities who first bring them out, to the streets and even to schoolyard.

Pity the parent who buys the wrong school outfit, teenagers are just as particular about their clothes and accessories as adults are about theirs. It might even be a good idea for parents to browse through teen fashion magazines and discuss the issue of clothing with their teenagers.

Listed here are a few favorite teen fashion magazines to peruse with your teenagers.

Vogue Teen you have come to admire the International Vogue fashion magazine and now you can share with your teenagers the wonders of the fashion world that can only be put together in the exciting fresh and innovated way that spells Vogue.

Cosmogirl is one of the best teen fashion magazines available today. Cosmogirl provides fashion, beauty, horoscopes, entertainment talk about boys, teen advice, and fun and games.

A standard teen favorite that has withstood the test of time is Seventeen Magazine, Seventeen Magazine not only addresses fashion and beauty but is geared to the older teenager faced with college choices, dating, health and sex, and issue pertaining to the blossoming young woman. provides a listing of additional teen fashion magazines sites.

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